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143-200U Collapsible Standard Workbasket- Internal143-205U Standard Headroom Basket- External Mount143-200U Standard Headroom- Internal Mount

Collapsible Standard Workbaskets


  • Quick and Easy to Disassemble and Reassemble, Minimum Tools Required
  • Breaks-Down Into 11 Pieces, with One (1) Loose Fastener,
    Including Roller Bumpers
  • Broken-Down will Fit Through an 18” Round, a 14-1/2” Square, a 10” X 17” Rectangular and a 12” X 18” Oval Opening
  • Easy Entry and Exiting from Basket with Gate Arms on Both Left and Right Side of the Man Cage
  • Includes 4″ Swivel Caster Roller Bumpers to Prevent Contact Between Workbasket and Working Surface
  • External Model has the Hoist Mounted onto the Back of the Workbasket Outside of the Cage
  • Giving You More Room and Working Space Inside Basket
  • Internal Mount (Hoist is Mounted Inside the Cage)
  • Standard Mast Allows for Extra Stability and Headroom Inside the Basket

Capacity: 500 LBS.

Construction: Aluminum Cage, Aluminum Floors, Aluminum Toeboards, Steel Lifting Structure including Mast and Floor Center Section, Aluminum Head on Exterior Mount Basket with Nylon Rollers

Conversion Kits are Available to Convert any Collapsible Style Basket into another (ex. Standard Headroom Internal to Low Headroom External)
Two-Line System Kit

Product Specifications
Collapsible Standard Workbaskets

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Product Description

Standard Mast Allows for Extra Stability and Headroom Inside the Basket